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about me

I cut my safari teeth with Wilderness Safaris fresh out of school, running their mobile safaris in Botswana, Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe. I progressed to running their luxury camps, mostly in Botswana. After spending some five years overseas traveling and doing work in hospitality and catering, I co-owned a boutique hotel in Knysna, which I ran for two years before selling it. I then joined The Portfolio Collection, assessing, and grading their hotels and researching their Safari Collection guide.

I moved on to work for Getaway Magazine, developing and managing Getaway Travel, their tour operating arm. I did much the same for Africa Geographic's travel business, and progressed on to develop the Safari in Style series of books, which showcased Africa's finest properties. I left as commercial director after 8 years, ultimately co-ordinating advertising and strategic planning with their editorial team.

I then did a full circle, returning to assist Wilderness Safaris with their creative direction, managing their photography, production of digital and print marketing material and developing their loyalty program. I left to start TravelSeeds and to consult independently using my creativity, networks and commercial know-how to assist small hospitality businesses.

My strength is the effective planning, development and execution of projects, using my own pool of highly creative designers and web developers. I have a wide network within the hospitality and media businesses, and being married to a photographer, I understand the selection of, and management of commercial imagery.

I am also the co-owner of Villas&Africa, a specialised travel business focusing on private homes and lodges around Africa:

My husband is photographer David Rogers, owner of David Rogers Photographic. He hosts private photo workshops and does commercial lodge photography and the retailing of wildlife art prints.

I live in Cape Town with David, and our two boys Liam and Dane.


1 The marketing strategy: Assessing the brand relative to the market, looking at new ways to secure market share and developing a strategy that includes exceptional images, print and digital communication tools and media exposure.

2 Photography and Video: I work closely with photographer David Rogers, who has written some 16 books on Africa's lodges and landscapes, to gather signature images for the properties. I am able to do styling with him on the shoots to ensure we get those iconic marketing shots that offer agents and consumers both seductive and informative images. I have access to a videographer and professional video editor, as this medium is fast becoming critical in social media and on websites.

3 Website development: Despite the numerous new ways that people do research now, the website is still a first port of call for most people doing research for their holiday. Websites need to be easy to navigate, very visual and distinctive around the brand language. I have developed numerous websites and have a solid understanding of aesthetics, SEO and functionality.

4 Print marketing material: Even though print material is fast becoming less relevant, there is still sometimes the need for marketing material in guest rooms and for trade shows. Travelseeds is able to do design and printing of this material, and with an interest in an art print business, I am able to assist with large format printing of images both for marketing and for interior decorating.

5 Digital communications: Designing of newsletter templates and developing campaigns that cut through the clutter and talk to consumers in a relevant way. Managing and segmenting the database to communicate to guests and agents according to history, interests, buying cycles and preferences.

Through my time working at Africa Geographic, I have also had some experience in digital magazines and developing high quality interactive content. Digital marketing is wonderfully measurable, and with analytics now inherently part of most platforms, you can understand the success of each campaign.

6 Media: Even though I don't profess to be a social media guru, I have a solid understanding of the exciting opportunities that the various platforms offer the travel industry. Using great images and linking to high quality blogs, it is easy to gain traction with a community who are looking for a feel good opportunity to engage.

With a long history in travel print media, I am well connected with local South African editors and understand the nuances of what editors want, and how they want it served up. I am well equipped to advise, and direct with a media strategy, as well as assist with press releases and media alerts.




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